Philips Magnavox WebTV Internet TV Receiver Terminal with Webeye, Keyboard, Remote, Owners Manual, Quick Setup Guide, Your Guide to Using WebTV, Quick Reference Guide Receiver Model No. MAT972 A101 Date code May 1999Receiver Serial No. 14848824Webeye Model No. A972TAA001 Date code 01-99Keyboard Model No. SWK-8640This was our aunts and unit has not been used for a few years we are unsure of the ...
I have aEyeTv by Elgato Model EyeTv 200 for salePrice drop from $20 to $10.If interested, please text me at If interested, please text me at Three two there eight zero two-four nine two nine
FakeTV is a burglar deterrent that makes it look like someone is home watching television. FakeTV does this by recreating exactly the sort of light produced by a real HDTV. Viewed from outside the home after dusk, it looks like somebody must be watching television.
I have a very nice fully working 32 inch Samsung HD TV. It is only 720p however. It includes the power cable but no remote control. Can take multiple HDMI inputs as well as old school composite. Picture looks really good. A universal remote is all you need. $50 cashobo.
Ive upgraded my TV and audio so I dont need these anymore. Great deal on these to whoever sees this first. The TV was originally $2500Sony Bravia 46 3D TV XBR-46X929 - $200, works great, comes with remote and power back. no stand though but you can buy one on Amazon for $20. Great for gaming, TV, movies, streaming etcSamsung hw j450 soundbar - $45, comes with remote and powerPickup both of them...

Sony tv

Tv works well nothing wrong doesn't come with power adapter tho you can find at Walmart for 7.99
Toshiba 13 crt tv with remote, $85 and Sony 5 Trinitron crt color tv, $100. Use it as a tv or monitor. It has a video input on the back. Tv has a nice picture. The cassette player does not work. Made in Japan. Call me at 3 1 0 3 2 4 2 2 9 4 or email me using the CRAIGSLIST EMAIL link.